Furnishings and Equipment

Our philosophy puts local craftmanship, attention to detail, respect for nature and love for beauty before everything else. No detail is left to chance: we have researched and carefully selected each of the elements that create the atmosphere at the Estate, preferring small local companies and brands that tie-in with our philosophy.

If also you share our philosophy, a small corner shop awaits you with a selection of products that we love the most and that will allow you to take home with you a little bit of our estate.

Arte Pura

Arte Pura is an enchanting world of natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, precious finishes, nostalgic lace and vintage colours. Tablecloths, sponges, sheets and bedspreads, the curtains offer a taste of history and are a perfect expression of Italian art. Each piece is worked with care and dyed using techniques that respect the fiber and the environment.

Dialma Brown

This furniture brand is synonymous with style, a style that combines colour, contrast and materials which are worked in a creative way, reinterpreting tradition. The collections range from Shabby chic to Country, from Urban Vintage to industrial style. Each object is the result of a contemporary design inspired by natural irregular surfaces and a new way of living the home.

EDG – Enzo de Gasperi

EDG’s air freshners are seductive and ambitious, they adorn each room creating exclusivity. This company was founded in the early seventies and now supports the production of room air freshners, flowers and home ornaments.

Charming Agriturismo Tuscany